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Established Partnership with FBI:

IMTS leverages 20+ years of proven FBI contracting experience in supporting complex development projects and large-scale IT programs for the FBI’s mission-critical FORENSICS | IDENTIFICATION | INVESTIGATIVE | INFRASTRUCTURE systems that aide law enforcement professionals -- Federal, State, Local, and Tribal levels -- in protecting our nation against crime and cyber intrusions.


Customers:  Our FBI Customers comprise of numerous Branches, Divisions, and Units, including the following:

  • Science and Technology Branch (STB);  Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division;  Operational Technologies Division (OTD);  Operational Networks & Technologies Unit (ONTU)

  • Information & Technology Branch (ITB);  IT Infrastructure Division (ITID);  Data Center Hardware & Operating System Support Section (DCHOSS);  Platform as a Service #2 Unit (PaaS2)

  • Intelligence Branch (IB);  Directorate of Intelligence (DI);  Strategic Technology Unit (STU)

  • National Security Branch (NSB);  Counterterrorism Division (CTD);  Foreign Terrorist Threat Task Force (FTTTF)


Locations:  Our direct on-site support for the FBI spans key Data Centers and over 20 Field Offices.  Additionally, we provide remote support to other Data Centers, all 56 Field Offices, over 750 Resident Agencies, and over 85 Legat (International) Sites.

Services:  IMTS' support to FBI is delivered through the following 3 distinctive service offerings:

Systems Engineering & Integration

IMTS' expertise in systems engineering & integration enables us to deliver full systems | software development life cycle support to meet mission-critical requirements.  Support activities include:

  • Cloud / Virtualized Environments (AWS, Azure, Mainframe, VMWare, HyperV, Citrix, SCCM)

  • Sustain Multiple Platforms (Windows, UNIX, Linux, Solaris-Oracle)

  • Configure Network and Storage (CISCO, Juniper, Dell EMC, Riverbed)

Enterprise IT Infrastructure Support

IMTS delivers enterprise-level IT support services on multiple federal programs, ranging from complex development projects to large-scale operations and maintenance (O&M) programs.  Services include:

  • System Administration

  • Network Administration

  • Database Administration

  • Enterprise Content Management

  • Service Desk | End User Support

  • COTS Integration

  • Test & Evaluation

Software | Data Analysis Services

IMTS personnel support information sharing initiatives for the FBI and their stakeholders through tools that provide faster, more efficient means of housing and sharing intelligence information, including:

  • Software Development 

  • Collaboration Environment (SharePoint)

  • Establish | Maintain Data Connections (EFTS, Web, SAML)

  • Data Mapping (XML)

  • National Info. Exchange Model (NIEM)

  • Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD)

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