Established Partnership with FBI:

IMTS leverages 20+ years of proven FBI contracting experience in supporting complex development projects and large-scale IT programs for the FBI’s mission-critical FORENSICS | IDENTIFICATION | INVESTIGATIVE | INFRASTRUCTURE systems that aide law enforcement professionals -- Federal, State, Local, and Tribal levels -- in protecting our nation against crime and cyber intrusions.


Customers:  Our FBI Customers comprise of numerous Branches, Divisions, and Units, including the following:

  • Science and Technology Branch (STB);  Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division;  Operational Technologies Division (OTD);  Operational Networks & Technologies Unit (ONTU)

  • Information & Technology Branch (ITB);  IT Infrastructure Division (ITID);  Data Center Hardware & Operating System Support Section (DCHOSS);  Platform as a Service #2 Unit (PaaS2)

  • Intelligence Branch (IB);  Directorate of Intelligence (DI);  Strategic Technology Unit (STU)

  • National Security Branch (NSB);  Counterterrorism Division (CTD);  Foreign Terrorist Threat Task Force (FTTTF)


Locations:  Our direct on-site support for the FBI spans the Data Centers (denoted by **) and Field Offices stated below.  We also provide remote support to FBI's other Data Centers, all 56 Field Offices, over 750 Resident Agencies, and over 85 Legat (International) Sites.

  • Huntsville, AL** 

  • Phoenix, AZ

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Sacramento, CA

  • Washington, DC**  

  • Jacksonville, FL

  • Miami, FL

  • Tampa, FL

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Pocatello, ID**

  • Indianapolis, IN

  • Baltimore, MD

  • Detroit, MI

  • Minneapolis, MN

  • Charlotte, NC

  • New York, NY

  • Oklahoma City, OK

  • San Antonio, TX

  • Chantilly, VA

  • Manassas, VA

  • Quantico, VA

  • Vienna, VA

  • Seattle, WA

  • Clarksburg, WV**

Services:  IMTS' support to FBI is delivered through the following 3 distinctive service offerings:

Systems Engineering & Integration

IMTS' expertise in systems engineering & integration enables us to deliver full systems | software development life cycle support to meet mission-critical requirements.  Support activities include:

  • Cloud / Virtualized Environments (AWS, Azure, Mainframe, VMWare, HyperV, Citrix, SCCM)

  • Sustain Multiple Platforms (Windows, UNIX, Linux, Solaris-Oracle)

  • Configure Network and Storage (CISCO, Juniper, Dell EMC, Riverbed)

Enterprise IT Infrastructure Support

IMTS delivers enterprise-level IT support services on multiple federal programs, ranging from complex development projects to large-scale operations and maintenance (O&M) programs.  Services include:

  • System Administration

  • Network Administration

  • Database Administration

  • Enterprise Content Management

  • Service Desk | End User Support

  • COTS Integration

  • Test & Evaluation

Software | Data Analysis Services

IMTS personnel support information sharing initiatives for the FBI and their stakeholders through tools that provide faster, more efficient means of housing and sharing intelligence information, including:

  • Software Development 

  • Collaboration Environment (SharePoint)

  • Establish | Maintain Data Connections (EFTS, Web, SAML)

  • Data Mapping (XML)

  • National Info. Exchange Model (NIEM)

  • Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD)